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Gain Essential GMP and GPP Compliance Support for Health Canada Inspections!

Staying on top of quality assurance compliance is akin to navigating an ever-shifting maze – it’s complex, constantly changing, and essential for success in highly regulated industries.

With a legacy that spans countless successful projects, the professionals at MFLRC bring a treasure trove of experience to the table, offering deep insights into regulatory frameworks across diverse sectors from Cannabis to Cosmetics.

Our hands-on approach demystifies the intricacies of licensing and regulations, ensuring you’re equipped not only to meet but exceed industry benchmarks.

Quality assurance goes beyond ticking boxes; it’s about instilling excellence in every fibre of your operation. For any business poised at the threshold of regulatory compliance challenges, MFLRC stands as a beacon of clarity amidst confusion.

We reveal pivotal strategies tailored to harmonise your processes with stringent standards such as GMP and EU-GMP while raising your quality management game. Discover how we can transform compliance from an obligation into an opportunity – read on for enlightenment!

Services Offered

At MFLRC, our suite of services ranges from in-depth regulatory compliance consultation to hands-on quality assurance support, crafted to address the diverse needs of the Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, Tobacco, and Natural Health industries.

We provide comprehensive strategies for GMP, EU-GMP, and GPP adherence while offering tailored programs for integrated pest management and environmental monitoring. Our team is equipped to guide you through packaging and labelling requisites; we meticulously develop HACCP plans along with preventive control protocols.

Moreover, we prepare clients for pre-audit scenarios and routine checks whilst ensuring that your quality assurance personnel receive paramount training. Engage us for a holistic approach in upholding rigorous industry standards whilst positioning your operation towards achieving excellence in production and safety.

Regulatory Compliance Consultation

Keeping track of regulations and laws is tough but crucial for your company. We assist you in grasping how to abide by these rules across various sectors such as Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Tobacco, and Natural Health products.

Our experts are well-versed in the government requirements ensuring your products are secure and correctly produced.

We examine your operational procedures and advise you on areas for improvement. This involves discussing proper manufacturing practices, aiding with documentation for health and safety schemes like HACCP, and confirming all is set for regulatory visits.

You’ll learn precisely what needs attention so that your business complies with all legal standards.

Our guidance simplifies the process of avoiding issues like pest infestations or contamination that can impact the quality of your product. We make certain that packaging labels adhere to legal requirements as well.

This safeguards consumers and builds their confidence in purchasing from you. With our help in sticking to these stringent regulations, your company can excel without fretting over legal breaches.

Quality Assurance Support

Moving beyond the rules and regulations, support in quality assurance focuses on keeping your products safe and of high quality. Assistance is provided in setting up robust systems to monitor your product’s quality.

This includes training for Quality Assurance Persons who are crucial in ensuring everything is done correctly, from cultivating plants like cannabis and hemp to producing medicines and food items.

They learn how to identify potential issues before they escalate.

Plans are available for detecting errors in manufacturing goods or cultivating plants. These plans, known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensure that what you sell is consistently produced well.

The team ensures every aspect of your process functions effectively – from cleaning to pest control, all the way through to packaging and hand hygiene protocols.

With this aid, you can be confident that your edible cannabis products adhere to food safety standards as well. Every step involved in creating these items is scrutinised, making them fit for consumption.

Your business improves because constant vigilance on quality is taught – not just during audit times but every single day.

Clients are able to receive a free 30-minute consultation with a company representative to get a better understanding of what they need.

Let Us Do the hard work for you



Industry-specific Consultation

Every sector is unique, and that’s why our tailored consultation services match your company perfectly. Whether you’re in the cannabis, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, tobacco, or natural health products field, we possess the expertise and resources to assist you.

We delve into your specific operations to pinpoint the precise quality assurance and regulatory requirements necessary for success.

Our experts are on hand to ensure everything from accurately labelled products to training your staff in proper manufacturing practices. If it’s about preventing pests in plants or maintaining cleanliness for safety; mixing edibles or filling bottles with herbal remedies – we’re here to help every step comply with regulations.

With our support, you can concentrate on expanding your business while keeping quality high and following all the rules.

GMP, EU-GMP, GPP Compliance

Moving away from advice just for one kind of work, the focus here is on matching up to tough rules such as GMP, EU-GMP, and GPP. These are all about making sure things you buy are safe and really good quality.

The service will help you get your head around all the regulations and prepare for checks. You’ll get support in creating systems that tick all these boxes.

The experts train your team so they’re clued up on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This covers everything from keeping special clean rooms tidy to washing hands properly.

If your job involves making medicines or health products, you’ll learn how to keep an eye on every single step you take in making them. With this help, your company will be set up well for doing well in a world where playing by the rules is very important.

Integrated Pest Management

Just as sticking to GMP, EU-GMP, and GPP rules is key for keeping product quality and safety up to scratch, getting rid of pests properly is really important in making things. An Integrated Pest Management programme aims to keep bugs and rodents away from your goods without hurting the planet or people’s health.

Experts help put in place systems that check for pests, use traps and barriers, and only go for chemicals when it’s absolutely necessary.

The way this works mixes different methods to fight off pests. Physical blocks like screens or nets are used along with nature’s own pest controllers to keep their numbers low. Workers also learn about keeping clean and how to tidy areas so it’s hard for pests to make a home there.

These actions stop harm coming to crops or products while ensuring they’re safe for medical uses.

With expert guidance through your Integrated Pest Management plan, you’ll have a smaller chance of problems with rules because of pest troubles. Your team will know the best ways of working, making sure everything in growing your product is done well—from beginning to end.

Sanitation and Environmental Monitoring

It’s not just about keeping pests away; it’s equally important to maintain a clean space and protect the environment. A Sanitation Programme is vital for this task. It ensures you stick to a routine that keeps your area neat and secure.

This involves monitoring air and surfaces for harmful elements such as germs or chemicals.

Hygiene plays a crucial role when producing trustworthy items. Effective sanitation prevents contamination in what you create. It includes frequent handwashing, sanitising equipment, and proper waste disposal.

With an Environmental Monitoring Plan, we track down any pollutants in the air or on surfaces. Our professionals guide you through every step of these processes. Regular checks at your facility help spot issues early on, allowing us to provide advice so you can consistently maintain high safety standards for everyone involved.

Packaging and Labelling Compliance

Keeping products safe is about more than just clean places – it’s important to think about the outside too. The right packaging and stickers on your items make sure they follow the law and are safe for people to use.

We guide you through each part of this process, making sure your items have clear information such as what ingredients are inside, how to use them safely, and any warnings.

Our experts help you every step of the way so that your packages meet all the rules. Whether it’s sweets with cannabis that need special stickers or face creams with the correct list of ingredients, we handle everything.

Being accurate is very important because small errors can cause big issues with those who check if things follow the rules. Rely on us to make sure your stickers are perfect so your goods shine for their quality without worry about not meeting standards.


HACCP and Preventive Control Plans

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It helps make sure food is safe from dangers that could make people ill. Imagine it as a plan that finds where the risks are when you’re preparing or handling food, like bacteria or chemicals.

Then, HACCP plans sort out how to cut down these risks to keep everything secure.

Preventive Control Plan works in a similar way but is often found in other areas too – not just with food. This kind of plan examines the entire process of creating a product and identifies any problems before they occur.

The aim is to spot troubles early so they can be sorted out straight away. This means lower risk, better safety for all, and high-quality products every time.

After working out how to manage hazards with HACCP and Preventive Control Plans, it’s vital also to focus on keeping things tidy with proper cleaning habits.

Pre-Audit and Routine Inspections

Moving from building strong HACCP and preventive control plans, let’s move on to discussing pre-audit and routine inspections. They’re key for keeping your business in good shape for official visits.

Think of a pre-audit as a trial run for the real inspection. Our team will come in and check everything an inspector would look at. This helps you spot any issues before the inspectors find them.

During these checks, we concentrate on things like personal cleanliness, emphasising how vital handwashing is. We also train your staff in accurate record-keeping so you can show that you’re meeting all the safety and quality regulations.

Routine checks continue this important work. They ensure that every part of your process remains legal day in, day out – not just when an audit is due. It’s all about stopping problems before they start by regularly going over areas such as where plants are grown or rooms where cannabis or other items are stored.

Taking these steps is crucial to make sure your products are safe and lawful – offering reassurance to you and your customers! 

Quality Assurance Personnel Training

Training your team is essential for top-notch quality assurance. We’ll teach them everything they need to know about maintaining high standards and sticking to regulations. Our courses cover a wide range, from GMP standards to spotting issues before they arise.

Your staff will learn how to set up plans like HACCP, carry out thorough inspections, and wash their hands properly. They’ll pick up tips on personal hygiene that prevent germs from contaminating products.

With our training, your quality assurance crew will be prepared for audits and skilled at identifying any compliance shortfalls.

Strong teams result in superior products and satisfied customers. After training with us, your employees will ensure that tasks are executed flawlessly each time.

Next, we’ll explore how we can get your edible cannabis products safe and compliant with the law.

Why Choose Us?

At MFLRC, our blend of specialised knowledge and tailored services positions us as your ideal partner in navigating the complexities of compliance. Our seasoned experts are committed to bolstering your business’s operational excellence with an unwavering dedication to quality assurance support.

Trust in our ability to provide you with comprehensive guidance that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Dive into our world where precision paves the path for your success – discover why choosing us makes all the difference.

Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

Our team has a deep understanding of licences and rules that are important for your business. We have spent many years getting to know all the small details of industries like Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Tobacco, and Natural Health products.

This means we know just what you need to make sure your products are top quality and follow the law.

We can lead you through Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and help with things such as keeping pests away from your plants or ensuring product labels are correct. Our experts also train people to be excellent at making sure everything is done right for quality.

They know a lot about medical cannabis, tracking where herbal medicines come from, and staying clean to make safe products. By choosing our services, you’re get advice from professionals who truly understand your industry deeply.

Tailored Consultation Services

Every company is unique, which is why we provide bespoke consultation services to suit your business’s specific requirements. Our experts sit with you, understand the particular challenges you face, and devise strategies that ensure you adhere to all the necessary quality and compliance standards within your sector.

We assist with everything from verifying label accuracy to educating your Quality Assurance Person.

No matter if you operate in the cannabis domain or manufacture beauty products, our team can steer you through establishing an exemplary quality system. We focus on averting issues before they arise, halting pest infestation, and maintaining cleanliness and safety standards.

You’ll have confidence knowing that your offerings are safe enough for consumer use without any doubts.

We stay abreast of current regulations so that you can concentrate on cultivating exceptional medicinal herbs or creating wholesome food items, without stressing over complex regulations and paperwork.

With our help, not only will your goods comply with regulations but they will also be produced considering high-quality benchmarks – winning over both inspectors and customers alike!

Elevating Operational Excellence

Our experts strive to take your business to new heights. They assist in enhancing the day-to-day operations of your company. This involves ensuring every aspect of your operation excels – from addressing glitches promptly to maintaining cleanliness, and correct product labelling.

They train your Quality Assurance Person with precise guidance. Our team also identifies potential areas for improvement and assists in rectifying them. With expert advice, you can look forward to a more efficient journey towards compliance with all the necessary safety and quality regulations in your industry.

Your products will be superior and safer, offering reassurance to both you and your customers.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

Taking your business to new heights is about more than just ticking boxes; it calls for a partner you can count on for full support and advice. We are here to guide you through every hurdle, whether that’s working out the best method to handle pests in your crops or making sure your products meet strict pharmacopoeial rules.

Our team is ready to train your people, assist with audit preparation, and show you how to maintain top quality assurance.

We provide clear guidance tailored especially for you, whether it’s ensuring edibles are safe or keeping an eye on all the details in medicinal plants. With services like gap analysis and preventive control plans, we turn complex issues into simple tasks so that you can concentrate on expanding your business while adhering to regulations.

No matter which sector of the industry you operate in—from cannabis farming to producing herbal medicines—we have the know-how and resources to support you at every stage.

Industries We Serve

MFLRC extends its consultancy prowess across diverse sectors, including the vibrant Cannabis industry, cutting-edge Pharmaceutical field, dynamic Food sector, innovative Cosmetics realm, evolving Tobacco market, and Natural Health products landscape.

Our expertise seamlessly adapts to each industry’s unique regulatory tapestry and quality assurance demands.


Cannabis is a plant used for many things, including medicine and recreation. Making sure everything in the cannabis business follows the rules is very important. 

But it’s not just about growing plants; companies must also handle them properly to keep them safe and within the law.

We assist businesses in ensuring their cannabis products are up to standard. This means we check how much of each part is in a product and if it’s free from pests. Our team shows people how to make cannabis items safely.

Different countries have different requirements for cannabis products. We understand these requirements and can help you navigate through them. This way your company can succeed around the world.

Now, let’s talk about Pharmaceuticals – another area where we’re really good at helping out.


Medicines must stick to tough rules to be safe. Our experts understand these rules and can assist with them. We team up with medicine makers to ensure they do everything properly, from creating the product to packaging it.

We also train individuals who oversee drug quality. They discover how to prevent issues before they start. Our specialists prepare firms for inspections too.

Now, let’s discuss food safety and hygiene – vital if you’re producing or vending food items!


Just like in the world of medicines, the food sector has its own set of rules to ensure everything is safe and meets high standards. We assist companies in adhering to these regulations perfectly.

Our expertise covers important areas such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plans and Preventive Control Plans, which are crucial for preventing food from causing harm.

In managing foods from farm to table, there’s a lot to consider—from washing hands correctly to knowing how much of an ingredient is safe to include in a product.

We offer guidance on setting up systems that keep track of where ingredients originate and how they’re transformed into delicious dishes that end up on someone’s plate without any health concerns.

It matters greatly that individuals can enjoy foods made by our clients confidently and without risk.

Our support enables businesses to identify potential dangers before they turn into actual issues, ensuring operations remain efficient and customers continue enjoying tasty offerings safely.


If you’re creating cosmetics, it’s important to stick to many rules. Our team assists you in obtaining the necessary permits and ensures your beauty items are safe and comply with regulations.

We help navigate through testingquality control, and all the required paperwork. Whether it’s makeup or skincare products, we offer support from formulation to packaging.

Our specialists are also savvy about natural health products. They apply this expertise to guarantee that your lotions and powders adhere to legal standards. This builds trust with customers who know they’re purchasing high-quality goods.

From moisturiser to lip colour, we back your commitment to providing excellent beauty care.


Tobacco companies have to stick to many important rules. This helps their products stay safe and follow the law. Our team knows these rules inside out. We assist tobacco firms in doing everything correctly.

We teach them how to put labels on their packets, keep their factories tidy, and deal with pests without causing harm to the crops or people.

We also educate those who work with tobacco. They learn to check how good their products are and what action to take when there’s a problem. Our specialists can visit your firm before an official check is due.

This lets you spot any errors and sort them out quickly.

Getting things right is crucial for making medicine from tobacco as well. Certain types of tobacco can be turned into medicine, so we ensure it’s grown, handled, and processed into medicine very carefully.

Every step in turning tobacco into a product has specific rules – our experts are on hand to help guide you through each stage.

Natural Health

Just like tobacco, it’s very important to follow the rules carefully when making natural health products. We assist you in keeping up with the laws for items such as herbal medicinesfood supplements and other natural treatments.

Staying true to regulations is essential for keeping customers safe and ensuring they trust what you sell.

Our team offers help in building a solid Quality Management System that guarantees every plant or supplement matches the right strength and quality standards. This covers tracking everything from when it was a tiny seed until it reaches the shelves and checking that all labels are correct.

We also provide guidance on preparing for checks by others, training your workers in good hygiene practices like hand washing, disposing of waste correctly, and maintaining accurate records.

We’re dedicated to making sure you can provide safe medicinal plants  that comply . Whether used for reducing discomfort or aiding sleep, we know how vital these natural choices are for well-being.

Let us support you in ensuring your products work effectively without crossing any legal lines.

Contact US

You’ve learned about the ways MFLRC can help you with licensing, rules, and quality. Our team makes sure your business does things right and stands out. Think about how our advice could improve your work.

Doesn’t it feel good to know experts are ready to help you? We guide you in making products safe and following laws. Imagine passing inspections with flying colours after our training!

Have questions on keeping pests away or making labels right? Our detailed plans have those answers. Want a team that knows about drugs and beauty creams too? We’re here for all these industries.

Ready to take the next step towards top-notch quality assurance? Your success is just around the corner with us by your side! Connect now, let’s start this journey together!

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