Quality Assurance & Compliance Support

Stay Compliance with the Health Good Production Practices (GPP) and Cannabis Regulations

Quality Assurance & Compliance Support
MF Cannabis License and Regulatory Consultants with extensive experience and expertise in Quality Assurance and Compliance can provide help in developing a robust quality assurance system and stay compliant with the Cannabis and other related Regulations. We will develop a system for compliance and quality assurance that best suits for your organization and will be cost effective.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrated Pest Management Program
  • Sanitation Program
  • Environmental Monitoring Plan
  • Packaging and labelling compliance
  • Preventive Control Plan
  • HACCP Plan
  • Pre-Audit Inspection
  • Self/ Routine Inspection
  • EU-GMP Readiness
  • Quality Assurance Person Training
  • Edible Cannabis Formulation for compliance and Food Safety
  • Quality assurance and/ or Compliance gap analysis


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