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  • The Cannabis Licensing process is tedious and daunting. Engaging a consultant for your license application process can expedite your process exponentially.

  • MF Cannabis License and Regulatory Consultants will navigate Health Canada on your behalf for all your Cannabis business needs. We are experts in all Cannabis pre and post-Licensing and Regulatory applications. 


Applying for Licence under the Cannabis Act and its regulations, what you need to know:


  •  Get familiar with the relevant federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and indigenous government legislation.
  •  Select on the type of licence to apply for, i.e., classes and subclasses
  • Build your site compliant with Health Canada Cannabis regulations (For certain licence types only)
  • Create an account in the CTLS 
  •  The associated individual should also create an account in the CTLS
  •  Create a corporation profile for organizations
  •  Create and submit the application
  •   Support the application Review
  •  Managing a licence (post licence)

Cannabis Cultivation License

Cannabis Cultivation

Provincial Licensing

Cannabis Processing

Cannabis Sales

Research License

Analytical testing license


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