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MFLRC - Quality Assurance Compliance Support
MFLRC provides a complete range of services to help the Regulatory industry succeed.
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Look no further than MFLRC License and Regulatory Consultants. Our team of experts provides quality assurance compliance support that will result in a robust quality assurance system for your business.
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Keep your products safe and quality assured
Our integrated pest management program ensures those little critters stay far away from your products so you can be certain that only safe, high-quality goods are going to production. We’ll also make sure you always stay up-to-date on sanitation protocol and have an effective environmental monitoring plan in place.
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Package and Label with Confidence
With MFLRC License and Regulatory consultants, you will get assistance in packaging and labelling to meet the required standards for compliance.
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Get the Right Preventative Control Plan from MFLRC
Put our experts to work on creating a Preventative Control Plan specifically tailored towards meeting all standards necessary for regulation.
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Rigorous Self-Inspection Ensures Quality Compliance Every Time
Allow us to perform a self- or routine inspection in which our team inspects every aspect down to the smallest detail to ensure that everything meets regulations before it is released into the world.
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MFLRC - Quality Assurance Compliance Support
MFLRC- License and Regulatory Consultants

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MFLRC-License and Regulatory Consultants
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MFLRC-License and Regulatory Consultants
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cannabis licensing and regulatory landscape in Canada is overseen by Health Canada, the federal agency responsible for regulating the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis products. The Cannabis Act governs the legal framework for the regulation of cannabis in Canada .


Quality assurance in the cannabis industry refers to a set of practices and processes that ensure the production and sale of safe, high-quality, and compliant cannabis products.


Quality assurance is important in the cannabis industry to ensure the safety and consistency of products, as well as to maintain consumer confidence in the industry. It is also crucial for complying with regulatory requirements and avoiding legal and financial consequences.


Cannabis growers and manufacturers must be aware of a variety of compliance issues, including labeling and packaging requirements, testing requirements, and product composition limits. They must also be aware of the regulations and laws that apply to their operations, such as those related to security, waste disposal, and product tracking.


Growers and manufacturers can ensure quality cannabis products by implementing best practices such as using sanitary growing conditions, testing products regularly, and properly storing and packaging products. They can also engage in continuous quality improvement and regularly review and update their processes and procedures.


Cannabis products can fail quality assurance testing if they contain harmful contaminants, have incorrect labeling or packaging, or contain higher or lower levels of active ingredients than indicated.


The consequences of selling non-compliant cannabis products can include fines, legal action, and loss of license. Additionally, it can harm the reputation of the company and damage consumer trust in the industry.


Some resources for growers and manufacturers looking to ensure quality cannabis products include industry organizations, trade associations, and regulatory agencies. Additionally, they can consult with quality assurance experts, attend industry events and conferences, and seek out training and education opportunities.


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